Data population

Data population process consists of populate steps. Each step can be marked as active or inactive. Active steps are executed by ptah_populate pyramid directive and ptah-populate -a `` command-line script. also it is possible to specify ``requires for each step. requires is a list of steps that should be executed before step.

Define step

Interface of populate step is very simple. It is function that accepts one argument pyramid registry ptah.interfaces.populate_step.

import ptah

def populate_step(registry):

Check ptah.populate for detailed description of this directive.

Populate data during start up

Use ptah_populate() pyramid directive for populate system data during startup.

import ptah
from pyramid.config import Configurator

def main(global_settings, **settings):

    config = Configurator(settings=settings)




    return config.make_wsgi_app()

Populate steps are executed after configration commited.

Command line script

Ptah providers ptah-populate command-line script for data population.

[fafhrd@... MyProject]$ ../bin/ptah-populate development.ini -a

Check Data population for detailed description of this script.